Advance command for generate high quality content from chatgpt

In this article you will how to get a high quality content from chatgpt using the advance command.

Here are some advance command to generate high quality content from ChatGPT.

  • Firstly you need to create a outline using this command.

” I want you to act as a content writing expert that speaks and writes fluent English. Create long-form content outline in English. The content outline should include a minimum of 20 headings and subheadings. The outline should be extensive and cover the whole topic. Use fully detailed subheadings that engage the reader. The outline should include a list of frequently asked questions relevant to the topic. Please provide a catchy title for the article. Don’t write the article, only the outline for writers. The title of the article is:….”

  • then use this command to create the blog paragraph using this command.
imagine you are my assistant and I will give you some data. feed data in your brain and reply Received until i say action. When i say Action use the data i said to you to reply my answer and don’t anything from your side.
  • Feed the related information and then use the following command.
Action : Your Requirement {What you want}

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