Career Crossroad? It Helps to Know What You Don’t Know Jobearn

The good news is, with job market research, expert careers advice and a refocus of their CV Resume, it’s possible to manage the seamless transition into a new career and a new industry. Quickly! Calmly! Successfully!

Researching the job market

The good news, today there is an abundance of on- and offline resources for researching and evaluating the jobs market.

LinkedIn Company Pages is a brilliant medium for researching companies, what they are doing, who works there, and the job openings available. Careers fairs, recruitment agencies, employer websites, newspapers, trade magazines and professional industry publications; for instance, the CIPD, Marketing Weekly – are all worth of attention.

It’s important to network. The old maxim, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” stands true and your personal network – family, friends, tutors, former colleagues and LinkedIn Connections – are a valuable resource.

Careers advice

Expert career change advice can help you make well informed choices and transform your working life from a job into a rewarding experience. Careers advice can help you identify the jobs, careers, work environments and organisational cultures that suit you the most.

It is important to know what type of jobs and what aspects of the work suit you the most and generate the most job satisfaction. This is the information essential to taking the right step towards a brighter career.

In essence, careers advice can help you to find out where you are >> where you want to be >> how to get there.

Writing a Perfect CV Resume

In a contracted job market a professionally written, job targeted CV Resume is more likely to get you noticed. A professional writer will ensure that your CV Resume…

• Gets quickly to the point of why you are the best candidate, showcase the skills relevant to the job, prioritise qualifications, skills, and experience, and weave into the text your personality traits.

• Highlights the benefits the employer will gain by hiring you, backed up with verifiable examples of how you added value and achieved results.

Examples of success…

Here are two examples of people who successfully changed career and industries…

• A Teacher became so stressed out with classroom “noise” she feared her ability to cope and continue to do her job effectively; however with a 20 year teaching career she felt stuck in the wrong job, yet could not envisage a role where she could use her experience in a quieter environment.

A skills audit revealed a rich array of soft and hard cross-functional skills; for example, organisational planning, communication, research, coaching, team working, writing, relationship development, administration, empathy, care and compassion.

With a real interest in helping people achieve their goals, combined with a need to work in a quieter environment, she stepped into a job she could love as a Librarian.

• A Banker – made redundant after 25 years’ continuous service – had fallen into the trap of staying in the same job too long. He feared that his lengthy career in an industry that was now contracting limited his options for the future. Combined with this, he expressed a need for a role that was more fulfilling and meaningful, and less dependent upon remuneration.

A skills audit revealed strong commercial, sales, negotiation, networking, client relationship development, leadership, and resource management capabilities.

By providing thoughtful perspectives and insights into the jobs market, he broadened his job search and within a few weeks secured a more emotionally rewarding role as Manager of a children’s charity.

The bottom line is, career guidance, targeted job search and a perfect CV Resume, can help you generate ideas, broaden your perspective, and find the right job in the right place – faster – cutting the stress, and saving time and money.

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