How to Create a Passive Income Stream by Publishing Children’s Books Using AI

 How to Create a Passive Income Stream by Publishing Children’s Books Using AI

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to increase your income, and passive income is one of the most sought-after types of income streams. Passive income allows you to earn money while you are sleeping, on vacation, or working on other projects. One of the best ways to generate passive income is by publishing children’s books on Amazon, and with the power of AI technology, this process has become easier than ever before.


In today’s video, we will show you how to create a simple storybook for kids that can generate a passive income stream on Amazon. We will walk you through the process of generating a book idea, creating the main content, and producing high-quality illustrations using the power of AI technology.

The Power of Passive Income

Passive income is a type of income that allows you to earn money without having to actively work for it. This type of income stream is highly sought-after because it allows you to generate revenue even when you are not actively working on a project. One of the best ways to generate passive income is by publishing books on Amazon.

The Inspiration

While browsing Amazon for potential passive income ideas, we came across a simple storybook for kids. We were shocked by the numbers that these sellers make by selling simple storybooks like this. One book alone has made over $16,000 in sales, while others have made over $23,000 and even $81,000!

The craziest part is that you can publish these books 100% free using Amazon KDP. So we decided to create a similar book using AI technology, publish it on Amazon, and generate a passive income stream that makes money while we sleep.

Generating a Book Idea

To create a good storybook, you first need to come up with a good story idea. We turned to AI technology to help us generate a title for a storybook related to kids. The first answer was “The Magical Garden,” but we needed something more exciting. After giving it another chance, the AI came up with “The Adventures of Tommy and Timmy: The Search for the Lost Treasure.”

The AI also told us that the book is for kids between the ages of five and eight and is about two young friends who embark on a thrilling adventure to find a lost treasure hidden in the jungle. We loved the idea, so we decided to move forward with it.

Creating the Story Outline

The next step was to create the story outline. We turned to the AI again and it generated the chapters and scenes in detail:

  • Chapter 1: The Lost Treasure

  • Chapter 2: The Wise Old Parrot

  • Chapter 3: The Mischievous Monkey

  • Chapter 4: The Thieves

  • Chapter 5: The Heroes

With the story outline generated, we were ready to create the actual story content based on the chapters.

Creating the Story Content

All we had to do was copy the first chapter, “The Lost Treasure,” and paste it into the AI chatbot. We set the prompt to write a rhythm story, and within minutes, the AI generated the chapter’s content. If we didn’t like the results, we could always regenerate the answer until we were happy.

We did the same for all the chapters, and in no time, we had a complete story ready to be converted into a book. We were amazed at how fast we came up with the story idea and all the chapters along with the story content.

Creating High-Quality Illustrations Using AI Technology

Now that we had the story, we needed high-quality illustrations to bring it to life. We could have paid thousands of dollars for artists to create illustrations for us, but instead Once we have all the illustrations ready, we can move on to the next step, which is to convert the story into an ebook format. We can use various online tools like Kindle Create, which is a free tool provided by Amazon, to convert the story into a professional-looking ebook that can be easily published on Amazon.

The next step is to publish the ebook on Amazon KDP, which is a self-publishing platform provided by Amazon. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes, and the best part is that it’s completely free.

Once the ebook is published, we need to promote it to potential readers. We can use various methods like social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to promote the ebook and generate sales.

In conclusion, creating a simple storybook for kids using AI technology is a great way to generate passive income. With the help of AI, we can come up with a great story idea, create high-quality illustrations, and even convert the story into an ebook format. The best part is that we can do all of this without having to write anything ourselves.


Q: How much does it cost to publish an ebook on Amazon KDP?

A: It’s completely free to publish an ebook on Amazon KDP.

Q: Can I use the same AI-generated story for multiple books?

A: Yes, you can use the same story idea for multiple books, but make sure to change the characters and the setting to make it unique.

Q: How long does it take to generate the illustrations using AI art?

A: It depends on the complexity of the image, but it usually takes a few minutes to generate a high-quality image.

Q: Is it possible to edit the story content generated by AI?

A: Yes, you can edit the story content generated by AI to make it more personalized and unique.

Q: How much can I expect to earn from a simple storybook for kids?

A: It depends on various factors like the quality of the story, the illustrations, and the marketing efforts, but it’s possible to earn a significant amount of passive income from a successful ebook.

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