Is it laptop difficult to carry?

Is it a laptop difficult to carry?

There are many factors that decide how much lighter or heavier laptop you can carry.
Firstly it depends on your body weight and body shape because if you have a light body then you must have a lightweight laptop.
Secondly, it depends if you also have a good laptop bag to hold it in.

Experience from some other about this-

  • Depends on your own body weight and body stature, but I had a hard time carrying my laptop (2,5kg) for like 6 hours in school nonstop. I’m 168 cm and 55kg.
  • The problem I think you will find with taking it to school etc. Isn’t the weight but how bulky it is. I carry around a 2009 MacBook and I don’t find it heavy, just thick. I can’t take all my books if I have that in my bag. 

Is it really difficult to carry the laptop? 

A balance is better I think a laptop near 5lbs 15 inches is the best, in this case, gives power and portability both. Battery life is not taken here u can’t get much out of a laptop with discrete GPU but the lower ones like MX 150 are nice but performance not that great. 

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