Is this possible to get laptops in online?

Is this possible to get laptops online?

The value of traditional offline purchasing will always be high no matter how much online purchasing grows.


Pros- Home delivery, availability, may be cheap, cashback offers, refundable.
Cons- overpriced, product originality, other options ignorance, size of items, non-refundable.
Usually, the main reason for buying online is that the product will be delivered to you at your home. The times when the desired product is not available in nearby stores then it is good to opt for the online medium
The price and respective worthiness of a product can’t be verified for several clothing items, electronics, and grocery present online. Although every e-commerce has a return policy it leads to excess time loss be it a day or two to know its worthiness. Moreover, the product’s originality is unknown to the consumer no matter how well e-commerce claims for its originality.


pros- Original products, product comparison, try another brand, the suggestion for the right product, GST claims, trust.
Cons- non-availability, expensive, lie and be fooled.
Depending upon the environment, the purchasing medium varies. One can not weigh the intensity of which factor is better over others. Also, I recommend spending more money over the traditional shop if the price on online and offline medium does not vary much as it will be very time consuming, fun, and satisfactory.

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