My laptop stopped with still screen I have to restart

My laptop stopped with the still screen I have to restart problem

If it freezes up again while you’re running one or more applications, you’ll want to take one of the following measures:

If you’re working with a stopped PC,

  1. Hit CTRL + ALT + Delete.
  2. End Task.
This is force-quit command for any or all applications.

On a Mac, try one of these shortcuts:

  • To stop a process, click Command + period (.)
  • Open the “Force Quit Applications” window by pressing Command + Option + Escape
  • Restart or shut down the computer by going to CTRL + Media Eject Key (which displays a triangle with a bar below it)
  • Quit all apps and restart the computer: Command + CTRL+ Media Eject Key.

On a PC follow these steps

  1. Go to Start 
  2. Accessories
  3. System Tools 
  4. run the “System Restore” utility
Doing this will reset any registry issues without deleting any current files or personal settings since it’s possible an important document has been corrupted or deleted accidentally.

On a Mac

  1. Restart in “Safe Mode with Networking.” 
  2. Try using the computer like this for awhile to see if it freezes again.
  3. If it doesn’t, you’ve got a software problem. 
  4. If it does, you could be looking at either a software or a hardware problem.

A software problem may be one of the following:

  • Your computer contains hidden software, like a virus.
  • There could be a program that’s loading during boot-up, causing the whole thing to freeze up.
  • You’ve got a CPU, memory, or disk issue. 
  • Use a program like CrystalDiskInfo to check your hard drive’s S.M.A.R.T. data for signs of impending failure.
  • If you want to go more in-depth, try a diagnostic CD like FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot. 

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