Empowering Youth through Skill Development – Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023


Welcome to Jobearn, where we believe in empowering the youth through skill development. Our mission is to provide comprehensive training and opportunities to the unemployed youth of Madhya Pradesh. We are excited to introduce you to the Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023, an initiative by the Madhya Pradesh Government, aimed at uplifting the youth by offering free skill training and financial support.

What is Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023?

Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023 is a transformative scheme launched in March 2023 by the Honorable Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. It was previously known as Mukhyamantri Yuva Kaushal Kamai Yojana and has now been rebranded to Seekho Kamao Yojana. Under this scheme, the government is focused on providing skill training to educated and unemployed youths of Madhya Pradesh, helping them acquire the necessary skills and gain employment opportunities.

Objectives of Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023

The primary objective of the Seekho Kamao Yojana is to offer free skill training to the youth and ensure they do not face financial constraints during their training period. To achieve this, the government has set aside funds to provide stipends to the beneficiaries based on their educational qualifications. The scheme aims to tackle unemployment effectively and demonstrate the government’s commitment to the welfare of its youth.

Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana: Empowering Youth through Skill Development

The Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana is a visionary initiative launched by the Madhya Pradesh government to empower the youth of the state through skill development. This scheme aims to address the issue of unemployment by equipping the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge that align with the demands of the job market. Let’s delve into the objectives of this transformative scheme:

  1. Enhancing Employability:
    The primary objective of the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana is to enhance the employability of the youth. By offering various skill development courses, the scheme aims to bridge the gap between the skills possessed by the youth and the skills demanded by industries. This, in turn, increases the chances of the youth securing gainful employment.
  2. Fostering Entrepreneurship:
    Beyond just seeking employment, the scheme also encourages entrepreneurship among the youth. It provides them with training and support to start their own businesses, thus contributing to economic growth and job creation in the state.
  3. Targeting Unemployed and Educated Youth:
    The scheme specifically targets the unemployed and educated youth of Madhya Pradesh. It focuses on providing skill development opportunities to those who have completed their education but are yet to find suitable employment.
  4. Financial Support during Training:
    To motivate the youth to actively participate in skill development programs, the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana offers financial assistance during the training period. Stipends are provided to the beneficiaries, which vary based on the level of training and qualifications.
  5. Customized Training Programs:
    The scheme offers a wide array of skill development courses to cater to the diverse interests and talents of the youth. These training programs are customized to match the specific needs of different industries, ensuring that the youth receive relevant and up-to-date training.
  6. Empowering Women and Underprivileged:
    The scheme also aims to empower women and underprivileged sections of society by providing them with equal opportunities for skill development. It ensures that no deserving candidate is left behind due to financial constraints or social barriers.
  7. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) System:
    To ensure seamless and transparent disbursement of financial assistance, the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana employs the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. This eliminates middlemen and ensures that the stipends reach the beneficiaries’ bank accounts directly.
  8. Building a Skilled Workforce:
    Through the implementation of the scheme, the government endeavors to build a skilled and competitive workforce. This not only benefits the youth but also contributes to the overall economic development of Madhya Pradesh.

Eligibility and Beneficiaries

The Seekho Kamao Yojana is open to various categories of youth residing in Madhya Pradesh. The following categories of applicants can benefit from this scheme:

1. 12th Pass Youths

Young individuals who have completed their 12th standard are eligible to apply for this scheme. They will receive a monthly stipend of ₹8000 during the training period.

2. ITI Pass Youths

Youths who have successfully completed their ITI (Industrial Training Institute) courses are also eligible for this scheme. They will receive a monthly stipend of ₹8500 throughout the training period.

3. Diploma Holders

Applicants with diploma degrees will receive a monthly stipend of ₹9000 as part of the Seekho Kamao Yojana.

4. Higher Education Pursuers

Youths pursuing higher education will be eligible to receive a monthly stipend of ₹10000 under this scheme.

Application and Registration Process

The application and registration process for Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023 is straightforward and can be completed online through the official portal. The interested candidates should visit the official website https://mmsky.mp.gov.in/ or http://yuvaportal.mp.gov.in/ to register and apply for the scheme.

Benefits of Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023

The Seekho Kamao Yojana offers a plethora of benefits to the youth of Madhya Pradesh, some of which include:

1. Free Skill Training

Beneficiaries will receive high-quality skill training at no cost, enhancing their employability and making them industry-ready.

2. Financial Assistance

During the training period, the beneficiaries will receive stipends, easing their financial burden and enabling them to focus on their skill development.

3. Enhanced Employability

With valuable training, the youth will become skilled professionals, increasing their chances of securing suitable job opportunities.

4. Reduction in Unemployment

By focusing on the educated and unemployed youth, the scheme aims to reduce the unemployment rate in Madhya Pradesh significantly.

5. Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Jobearn encourages entrepreneurship among the youth, allowing them to start their own ventures after completing their training.

Benefit and Features of Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana

  1. Empowering Youth through Skill Development:
    The Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering the youth of Madhya Pradesh by providing them with skill development opportunities. Through this scheme, unemployed and educated youth can acquire valuable skills and training, enhancing their employability and self-employment prospects.
  2. Financial Assistance for Training:
    One of the significant advantages of the scheme is the financial assistance provided to the beneficiaries during the training period. Depending on their educational qualifications and the level of training they undergo, the eligible youth can receive stipends ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹10,000 per month. This financial support serves as an encouragement for the youth to participate actively in the skill development programs.
  3. Wide Array of Skill Development Courses:
    The Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana offers a diverse range of skill development courses to cater to the varied interests and aspirations of the youth. Whether it’s vocational training, IT skills, entrepreneurship, or any other specialized domain, the scheme ensures that there are ample opportunities available to enhance the skills of the youth.
  4. Promoting Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment:
    Besides providing skill training for employability, the scheme also promotes entrepreneurship and self-employment. Aspiring young entrepreneurs can access the necessary resources and support to establish their own ventures. By encouraging entrepreneurship, the scheme contributes to the growth of the state’s economy and job creation.
  5. Personalized Training based on Trade Selection:
    Under the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana, the beneficiaries receive personalized training based on the trade or skill they choose to pursue. This ensures that the training is aligned with their interests and career goals, maximizing the impact of the skill development programs.
  6. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) System:
    To streamline the distribution of financial assistance, the scheme adopts the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. This ensures that the stipends are directly credited to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries, eliminating any intermediaries and ensuring transparency in the process.
  7. Support for Sustainable Livelihoods:
    The ultimate goal of the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana is to enable the youth to secure sustainable livelihoods. By providing them with the necessary skills, the scheme equips them to enter the job market confidently or start their own ventures, leading to improved living standards and overall prosperity.
  8. Contribution to Reducing Unemployment:
    Through its targeted focus on skill development and employment generation, the scheme plays a vital role in reducing the unemployment rate in Madhya Pradesh. By empowering the youth with market-relevant skills, the government aims to create a skilled and productive workforce that can contribute to the state’s growth and development.
  9. Inclusive Reach and Accessibility:
    The Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all eligible youth across Madhya Pradesh. Its reach extends to different sections of society, including economically weaker sections, enabling them to access quality skill development opportunities.

Stipend Distribution under Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana: Empowering Youth Financially

The Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana, launched by the Madhya Pradesh government, aims to provide financial support to the youth during their skill development training. This stipend distribution plays a crucial role in encouraging and motivating young individuals to actively participate in the scheme. Let’s explore the key aspects of stipend distribution under the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana:

12वीं क्लास पास युवाओं कोहर महीने ₹8000
आईटीआई पास कर चुके युवाओं कोहर महीने ₹8500
डिप्लोमा डिग्री रखने वाले युवाओं कोहर महीने ₹9000
अधिक शिक्षा रखने वाले युवाओं कोहर महीने ₹10000
  1. Incentive for Skill Development:
    The stipend distribution is a significant incentive for the youth to enroll in skill development courses offered by the scheme. By providing financial assistance, the government aims to alleviate the financial burden on the beneficiaries, making it easier for them to pursue training in their chosen fields.
  2. Different Categories, Different Amounts:
    Under the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana, the stipend amount varies based on the educational qualifications of the beneficiaries. The scheme categorizes the youth into different groups, such as 12th pass, ITI pass-outs, diploma holders, and those with higher education. Each category receives a different stipend amount, with the intention of providing higher support to those with higher qualifications.
  3. Encouraging Higher Studies:
    The scheme recognizes the importance of continuous learning and aims to encourage beneficiaries to pursue higher studies. To achieve this, the stipend amount is higher for those with higher education, motivating them to seek advanced training and certifications.
  4. Monthly Stipend Disbursement:
    The stipend amount is disbursed on a monthly basis to the beneficiaries. This regularity ensures that the youth can meet their day-to-day expenses and focus on their skill development without financial worries.
  5. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) System:
    To ensure transparency and minimize any chances of misappropriation, the stipend is directly transferred to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. This eliminates intermediaries and ensures that the funds reach the intended recipients promptly.
  6. Bank Account Prerequisite:
    To avail of the stipend benefits, it is essential for the beneficiaries to have their own bank accounts in their name. This requirement enables smooth and efficient fund transfers directly to the youth, streamlining the entire process.
  7. Financial Inclusion and Empowerment:
    Stipend distribution under the Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana promotes financial inclusion and empowerment of the youth. By providing financial support during training, the scheme empowers the beneficiaries to take charge of their own financial well-being and future.
  8. Eliminating Economic Barriers:
    For many youth in Madhya Pradesh, economic constraints act as a barrier to pursuing skill development programs. The stipend distribution breaks these barriers, making skill development accessible to all, irrespective of their financial background.


At Jobearn, we stand firmly behind the vision of Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023 and support the Madhya Pradesh Government’s efforts to empower the youth through skill development. This scheme opens doors of opportunity for the unemployed youth and paves the way for a brighter future. We believe that investing in skill development is a crucial step towards building a prosperous and self-reliant society. Let’s join hands in this noble initiative and make a difference in the lives of the youth in Madhya Pradesh. Together, we can create a skilled and prosperous nation.

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