AI-Generated Video Changing Film

– Waymark, a video creation company, used AI to generate every shot of the 12-minute film "The Frost," creating an unsettling and bizarre aesthetic.

– The film was made using OpenAI's image-making model DALL-E 2, which produced images in a style consistent with the filmmakers' vision.

– D-ID, an AI tool, was used to animate the still images generated by DALL-E 2, adding movement to eyes and lips.

– "The Frost" is part of a series of short films made using generative AI tools, showcasing different styles and techniques.

– Runway, a company that develops AI tools for video production, hosted an AI film festival featuring films created with generative AI tools.

– Generative video models can currently produce only a few seconds of video, resulting in a range of styles, including storyboard-like sequences and mash-ups of short video clips.

– The advertising industry is exploring the use of generative AI for video creation, with companies like Waymark offering fast and cost-effective video ad solutions.

– Waymark's technology uses AI techniques such as large language models, image recognition, and speech synthesis to generate video ads based on scraped data from businesses' websites and social media.

– AI-generated video offers filmmakers and advertisers the ability to generate new shots quickly and easily, revolutionizing the creative process.

– The future of generative video is still uncertain, and there are ongoing concerns about copyright issues and the use of copyrighted images in training AI models.