Ashok Gehlot Admits Defeat in Rajasthan, Says Modi

โ€“ PM Modi claims Ashok Gehlot has accepted defeat in Rajasthan.

โ€“ Gehlot requested BJP not to stop Congress schemes if BJP comes to power.

โ€“ Modi slams Congress for tricking people and failing to run the government.

โ€“ Modi says Gehlot was busy securing his seat while Congress was busy snatching it.

โ€“ Modi says every Congress leader considered themselves the government of Rajasthan.

โ€“ Modi says Congress left no stone unturned in looting the state.

โ€“ Modi assures people that BJP will not stop any public welfare schemes.

โ€“ Modi says BJP will try to improve Congress schemes.

โ€“ Modi says all Congress leaders were hand in glove on looting the state.

โ€“ Modi says Congress's time is over in Rajasthan.

โ€“ Modi says the countdown to Congress's ouster has begun.