AWS unveils Build, a new accelerator program for early-stage startups from around the globe

– Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches a new accelerator program named AWS Build for early-stage startups.

– The program is fully virtual and tailored towards pre-seed startup founders globally.

– AWS has a history of running accelerator programs to support startup founders.

– The Impact Accelerator, launched last year, focused on underrepresented Black, Latino, and female entrepreneurs in the U.S.

– AWS identified a need to accommodate early-stage startups that didn't meet existing accelerator program requirements.

– AWS Build aims to fill this gap by providing educational and informational support to early-stage, pre-seed startup founders.

– The program spans 10 weeks, starting from October 9 to December 15, 2023.

– It offers online streaming talks, QA discussions, community events, and more to guide startups towards launching a minimum viable product.

– Entrepreneurs accepted into the program can participate at their own pace and receive up to $2,000 in AWS credits.

– The program is not restricted to software startups; hardware startups are also welcome.

– AWS Build aims to assist startups from the early stages of their cloud journey, offering technical expertise.

– Participants need to have a working prototype and a technical leader on their team.

– After completing the program, founders join the AWS Build community, a virtual network of peers and technical experts.

– The community provides ongoing collaboration and advice as startups continue to grow.

– To apply, startups must join AWS Activate, the AWS startup hub, and have a technical lead or co-founder.

– AWS aims to identify startups solving complex problems and learn from them to improve their services.

– Graduates of the AWS Build program may be eligible for other AWS Accelerator programs and connections with venture capitalists.

– AWS Build aims to create a supportive community for founders, providing networking and problem-solving opportunities.

– AWS, a leading cloud services provider, continues to expand its portfolio with AWS Build to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.