Best Character AI Bots According to Reddit

SM64 Mario

– SM64 Mario is a nostalgic bot based on the Nintendo 64 version of Mario released in 1996.


– Monika is a popular character from the game Doki Doki Literature Club! known for her self-awareness.


– Hamlet is an AI bot that allows users to interact with the eponymous character from Shakespeare's play.


– Socrates is a philosophy bot among several others available on Character AI, providing a way to learn about complex topics and explore thoughts.


– Stella is an all-around helpful AI chatbot created by the Character AI team, offering advice on any topic.

Kamek and Dimentio

– Kamek and Dimentio are Super Mario henchmen, providing interesting insights about their boss, Bowser.

Yandere Mafia

– Yandere Mafia represents characters who are extremely infatuated with the user, leading to intriguing conversations.

Plot Armor

– Plot Armor Bot presents a challenging scenario where users attempt to slay an unslayable character.

Survival Game

– Survival Game is a choose-your-own-adventure game set in a haunted house.

Survival Game

– Strategy Game Bot is a simulator where users select a country and tackle various scenarios and problems.