Document Leak Reveals Early Access to Meta's Threads

– The Meta company has invited content creators to test their new social network, Threads, before its official launch.

– Influencers were required to download the TestFlight app, which provides access to unreleased apps, to join the early access program.

– The test version of Threads must be used until June 6th, 2023, after which the public version will be available for download.

– Content shared during the early access period will remain visible to the public after the official launch.

– Meta encourages users to post once or twice a day during the early access phase and save their best content for the launch day.

– Posts made on Threads can be sent to the Instagram Feed or Stories.

– The character limit for text posts is 500, and hashtags and trending topics are not initially included in the social network.

– During the early access period, content will be visible to other early access partners and Instagram employees.

– Celebrities like Maísa, Juliette, Thiago Ventura, Fernanda Paes Leme, and media outlets such as Gshow and Multishow have been granted early access to Threads.

– The interface of Threads is described as a combination of Instagram and Twitter.

– The official release date of Threads is July 6th, 2023.