Government Shutdown Looms as Republicans Eye Long-Term Funding

– The deadline to extend funding to keep the government open is September 30.

House Republicans are considering passing long-term funding bills

– but there is no deal yet to avert a government shutdown.

– Some Republicans are demanding cuts to spending, while others want to avoid a shutdown at all costs.

It is unclear how the House will vote on funding bills

– and a government shutdown remains a possibility.

– A government shutdown would mean that many federal agencies would close and non-essential employees would be furloughed.

– House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said that he wants to avoid a government shutdown, but he has not been able to unite his caucus behind a funding bill.

– If the House and Senate cannot agree on a funding bill, a government shutdown will begin on October 1.

– A government shutdown would have a negative impact on the economy and on the lives of millions of Americans.