HAS AI BECOME TOO HUMAN? Researchers At Google AI Find LLMs Can Now Use ML Models And APIs With Just Tool Documentation!

– Google AI researchers have shown that Large Language Models can effectively use undiscovered tools without prior training by utilizing tool documentation alone.

– The analogy of teaching a child to ride a bike is used to explain the concept, where the LLM learns from documentation similar to how a child learns from a book.

– LLMs are taught to use tools through two methods: demonstrations (demos) and documentation (docs).

– Experiments were conducted on various tasks using the LLM ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) to evaluate the impact of tool documentation and demos.

– Findings indicate that using tool documentation reduces the reliance on demonstrations, making the model more scalable in utilizing available tools.

– LLMs equipped with tool documentation can achieve impressive results in tasks such as image editing and video tracking without needing new demos.

– The study suggests potential for automatic knowledge discovery through tool documentation, showcasing a new direction for LLM tool usage and its reasoning capabilities.

– Despite breakthroughs, there's a noted degradation in performance when document length exceeds 600 words.

– The research highlights the replication of results from popular projects like 'Grounded SAM' and 'Track Anything' without additional demos.

– This approach opens possibilities for enhanced AI research, emphasizing the significance of tool documentation.