Heartwarming Reunion: Preschooler's Memorable 'Miss Your Mom?' Moment 8 Years Later

Courtney Friel's interview with a preschooler on his first day of school became a viral sensation 8 years ago

The emotional video has been viewed millions of times and made into memes worldwide

Andrew Macias, now 13, shares his perspective on the viral moment and how it changed his life

Friel and Andrew's bond remains strong, and they recently recreated the iconic interview for a promo

This heartwarming reunion highlights the lasting impact of viral moments and the power of connection

Andrew Macias' emotional reaction to Friel's question, "Are you going to miss your mom?"

resonated with viewers worldwide, sparking discussions on the universal experience of separation anxiety

The viral video has transcended language barriers, with memes and recreations in different languages, showcasing its global appeal

Andrew's journey from a preschooler to a confident 13-year-old demonstrates personal growth and resilience over the years

The attention from Netflix and the "Spy Kids: Armageddon" promo team underscores the video's enduring popularity and its ability to connect with diverse audiences