Hip-Hop pioneer MC fights to get recognition, royalties for his iconic lyrics

– Coke La Rock, a 68-year-old Bronx native, claims to have been the first MC of hip-hop, performing at a party where DJ Kool Herc made history in 1973.

– La Rock believes he coined phrases and lyrics that have been associated with other artists' songs, like "You rock and you don't stop" and "Hotel, motel, you don't tell, we won't tell."

– He seeks formal credit and royalty payments for his contributions to hip-hop's early years.

– Attorney Lita Rosario-Richardson advises La Rock to record his rhymes now and file them at the copyright office to establish evidence of their creation date.

– The Hip Hop Alliance, led by veterans like Chuck D and Kurtis Blow, has created the "Legends Fund" to provide financial support to elder hip-hop artists facing financial struggles.

– The fund aims to help artists live more abundantly and provide resources like retirement funds and healthcare for those in the industry.

Hip-hop pioneers, like Coke La Rock, are seeking recognition and royalties for their contributions

their contributions to the genre's foundation and iconic lyrics. A non-profit fund,

The Hip Hop Alliance, has been established to provide financial support to older artists.