India-Canada Issue: Amid Claims and Counters On Intel Inputs, Know About Intelligence Alliance 'Five Eyes’

Five Eyes Alliance: Discover the secretive intelligence-sharing group's role in the India-Canada conflict

Trudeau's Accusation: Understand why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's accusations have sparked controversy

US Involvement: Learn how the US envoy's statement has further complicated the situation

Intelligence Credibility: Assess the credibility of the shared intelligence and its potential impact

Diplomatic Fallout: Explore the potential consequences for India, Canada, and international relations

Sikh Leader's Assassination: Delve into the details of Hardeep Singh Nijjar's assassination and its significance

Historical Context: Examine past India-Canada relations and how this revelation might affect them

Global Implications: Consider how this diplomatic clash could reverberate on the global stage

Public Reaction: Find out how the public in both countries is responding to these allegations

Security Measures: Explore the security measures both nations are taking in response to the situation