Man found dead inside barrel at Malibu beach identified

– The body of a man, identified as Javonnta Murphy, was discovered inside a 55-gallon drum in Malibu Lagoon.

– A park maintenance worker initially spotted the barrel floating in the water near the Pacific Coast Highway bridge on Sunday night but could not retrieve it due to its weight.

– The barrel was later retrieved by a lifeguard on Monday around 10 a.m., who made the gruesome discovery of the body inside.

– Authorities noted that the body did not appear to be decomposed or have been in the water for an extended period.

– It is speculated that the high tide may have carried the barrel from the ocean into the lagoon.

– Beachgoers and surfers in the area were deeply concerned and shocked by the discovery, as such incidents are rare in the region.

– Detectives are actively investigating the case, searching for clues, witnesses, and surveillance footage to aid in their investigation.

– No further information about Javonnta Murphy has been released, and anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff's Department.