Midjourney Photo Angles

For even greater control over your image output, try using some keywords to guide the image composition.

Full-Shot Angle

Full-Shot Angle: This angle captures the entire subject in the frame.

Full-Body Shot

Full-Body Shot: This shot shows the subject from head to toe.

Wide-Angle Shot

Wide-Angle Shot: To capture a broader view, the camera is pulled back from the subject.

Ultra-Wide Angle:

Ultra-Wide Angle: This shot pulls the camera back even further to capture an even wider view.

Eye-Level Shot

Eye-Level Shot: The camera is aligned with the subject’s eye level for this shot.

Far-Shot Angle

Far-Shot Angle: This angle creates the impression that the subject is far away and small.

Medium-Shot Angle

Medium-Shot Angle: To capture the subject from a medium distance, this shot is typically taken from knee-level looking up.

Ground-Shot Angle

Ground-Shot Angle: This shot captures the subject from a low angle, typically from knee-level looking down.

Low-Angle Shot

Low-Angle Shot: Taken from a low angle, typically from the ground, this shot looks up at the subject.

Glamour Shot

Glamour Shot: This shot uses various techniques such as zooming and lighting to flatter and enhance the subject’s appearance.

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