Santa Clarita files lawsuit against illegal street taco vendor

– The city of Santa Clarita has taken legal action against the street taco vendor, Tacos Jacky, for operating illegally and accumulating thousands of dollars in unpaid citations.

– Lawyers representing the city have filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop the illegal sidewalk vending operation, which has been operating at various locations within the public right-of-way.

– The city claims that Tacos Jacky has been operating without valid peddler's license, public health permit, or sidewalk vending permit, which violates the city's municipal code.

– City officials conducted 218 site inspections at multiple Tacos Jacky locations and allegedly witnessed 74 instances of the vendor operating with dangerous food safety conditions, posing a risk to residents' health and safety.

– Despite receiving multiple notices to stop operations, Tacos Jacky did not comply with the city's requirements.

– The lawsuit aims to temporarily cease the vendor's operations until health and safety standards are met.

– Tacos Jacky operators have been issued 40 citations totaling about $17,250 in unpaid fines.

– The lawsuit against Tacos Jacky is part of an ongoing conflict between street vendors and city regulations.

– In December 2022, street vendors in Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against the city's "no vending" zones near popular tourist attractions, claiming the legislation is discriminatory and violates state law.

– The vendors' lawsuit seeks to overturn the city's limits on where they can sell food and argues that they have already paid for permits that should allow them to sell anywhere in the city.

– The city council voted to study and possibly lower the annual fee for sidewalk and park vending permits in response to the ongoing issue.