Sony's Confidential PlayStation Secrets Spilled Due to Redaction Error

– Sony inadvertently disclosed highly confidential information about its PlayStation business in a document submitted to the FTC v. Microsoft case.

– The document, from PlayStation chief Jim Ryan, contained redacted details on Sony's revenue sharing with publishers, Call of Duty revenues, and game development costs.

– The redaction was done using a black Sharpie, but the scanner revealed the hidden information, leading to the leak.

– Some of the revealed details include the costs of developing Horizon Forbidden West ($212 million over five years with 300 employees) and The Last of Us Part II ($220 million with around 200 employees).

– Sony provided information showing that 1 million PlayStation gamers exclusively play Call of Duty, with statistics on player engagement and hours spent playing the game.

– Sony presented this information to demonstrate the potential impact on its revenues if Call of Duty were to become an Xbox exclusive, expressing concerns about Microsoft's actions.

– The leaked document also hinted at the value of Call of Duty to PlayStation, with estimates of $800 million in revenue in the US in 2021 and possibly $1.5 billion globally.

– Sony's sharing percentage with third-party publishers like Activision appears to be around 10% based on the document.

– The document revealed that Sony has only one more Call of Duty game left in its exclusive marketing deal with Activision.

– Sony's internal surveys indicate that nearly half of PlayStation 5 owners in the US also own a Nintendo Switch, while less than 20% own an Xbox Series X or S.

– Both Sony and Microsoft have experienced document redaction issues, with a confidential Microsoft document revealing Xbox acquisition targets earlier, which was later replaced with a heavily redacted version.

– The responsible party for the redaction error is unclear, as Sony is not a party to the case and had requested the courts to seal or redact specific portions of the material.