The 10 best Chrome extensions of 2023

– LastPass: A password manager with advanced features like two-factor authentication and password sharing.

– Ghostery: Blocks ads, trackers, and privacy-invading elements while providing control over displayed content.

– Grammarly: A spell and grammar checker that enhances writing accuracy and offers AI-powered suggestions.

– Dark Reader: Transforms bright web pages into dark themes for comfortable browsing, customizable settings.

– Pocket: Captures articles, videos, or content for later access, aiding content organization and discovery.

– Loom: Screen recording extension with audio narration, customization options, and sharing capabilities.

– Momentum: Personalized dashboard for new tabs with quotes, task reminders, to-do lists, and weather widget.

– OneTab: Consolidates open tabs into a list to reduce clutter and free up memory.

– StayFocusd: Sets limits and restrictions on browsing to curb procrastination and improve focus.

– Honey: Automatically finds and applies coupon codes and discounts during online shopping, tracks price history.

– Safety of Chrome extensions: Stick to trusted sources, read user reviews, review permissions, and keep extensions updated.

– Chrome extensions on mobile: Not directly supported on Chrome browser, but possible on Chromium-based browsers.