Threads is getting some useful new features

– Meta's Threads, a Twitter competitor, is getting new features.

– The updates include the option to add custom alt text to photos and videos in posts.

– A "mention button" allows easy tagging of accounts within Threads posts.

– Sharing Threads posts to Instagram DMs is now possible by tapping the paper airplane-like icon.

– To add alt text, users can attach media using the paperclip icon and tap the "Alt" button on the image.

– A forthcoming web client and improved search functionality are expected in the near future.

– The Threads app has a following feed, though some users find it inconvenient.

– CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced these features, with a promise of web client and search improvements.

– Threads users are still waiting for more substantial updates and improvements.

– Screenshots demonstrate the process of adding alt text to images.

– The Threads app is actively receiving updates and enhancements.