Top 7 AI Voice Changers [JUNE 2023]

the best free and paid AI voice changers based on our personal hands-on research.


1. is a free AI voice generator that lets you change your voice in real time in various games, apps, and online platforms.

2. MagicVox

2. MagicVox MagicVox is an AI voice changer geared toward gaming that lets you modify your voice in real-time.


3. is a text-to-speech tool that lets you create human-like voiceovers in seconds.

4. Voicemod

4. Voicemod Voicemod is a free voice-changing software for gamers, content creators, and YouTubers.

5. MetaVoice

5. MetaVoice MetaVoice is an AI voice changer that lets you alter your voice identity in real time while preserving human emotion.

6. Magic Mic by iMyFone

6. Magic Mic by iMyFone Magic Mic is another good option for gamers or individuals who need a real-time voice synthesizer across different apps.

7. Murf AI

7. Murf AI Murf AI is a text-to-speech software that now offers an AI voice changer feature.generate realistic voiceovers to create audio files from written content

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