Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies 2023. AI Companies: Pioneers

Part 2


OpenAI The world was forever changed when OpenAI debuted ChatGPT in November 2022 – a major milestone in the history of artificial intelligence. Founded in 2015 with $1 billion in seed funding Founded in 2009, is part of new breed of vendor that can be called an “AI vendor.” Not a legacy tech company that has shifted into AI, but a company created specifically to sell AI solutions to the enterprise. Founded in 2011, is another company built from the ground up with the mission of providing AI software to the enterprise. H20 focuses on “democratizing AI.” Meaning that traditionally AI has been available only to a few,


DataRobot Founded in 2012, DataRobot offers an AI Cloud that’s “cloud-agnostic,” so it works with all the cloud leaders (AWS, Azure, Google). It’s built with a multicloud architecture that offers a single platform accessible to all manner of data professionals.


Snowflake Founded in 2012, Snowflake is a next-gen data warehouse. Artificial intelligence requires oceanic amounts of data, properly prepped, shaped and processed, and supporting this level of data crunching is one of Snowflake’s strengths.


Dataiku Founded in 2013, this AI and machine learning platform aims to democratize tech by enabling both data professionals and business professionals to create data models. Using shareable dashboards and built-in algorithms


RapidMiner An enterprise-grade data science platform, the company’s platform includes an AI app building feature that’s no-code, so it allows non-technical users to create without writing software; it also offers a no code MLOps solution that uses a containerized approach

Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab Founded in 2013, the Domino Cloud is a fully managed MLOps (Machine Learning operations) offering that supports scalable enterprise data science development.


Databricks Founded in 2013, Databricks offers an enterprise AI cloud platform that supports the flexible data processing needed to create AI and ML deployments. Think of this data solution as the crucial building block of artificial intelligence.


Alteryx A prime example of a mega theme driving AI, Alteryx’s goal is to make AI models easier to build. The goal is to abstract the complexity and coding involved with deploying artificial intelligence.


Cloudera Having merged with former competitor Hortonworks, the company now offers the Cloudera Data Platform and its Cloudera Machine Learning solution to enable data pros to collaborate in a unified platform to support AI development.

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