Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies 2023. Firstly we talk about The Giants AI Companies

Part 1


Microsoft As a dominant provider of enterprise solutions and a cloud leader – its Azure Cloud is second only to AWS – Microsoft is investing heavily in AI.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services As the top dog in the all-important world of cloud computing, no company is better positioned than AWS to provide AI services and machine learning to its massive customer base


Google The search giant’s historic strength is in algorithms, which is the very foundation of AI. Though Google Cloud is perennially a distant third in the cloud market


IBM A top hybrid/multicloud vendor – boosted by its acquisition of Red Hat in 2019 – IBM’s deep-pocketed global customer base has the resources to invest heavily in AI.


Baidu Little known in the US, Baidu owns the majority of the Internet search market in China. The company’s AI platform, Baidu Brain, processes text and images and builds user profiles.


Oracle Oracle’s cloud platform has leapt forward over the past few years – it’s now one of the top cloud vendors – and its cloud strength will be a major conduit to offer AI services.


Alibaba The Chinese ecommerce giant, a leader in Asian cloud computing, announced in early 2023 that it will split into six divisions, each empowered to raise capital.


Nvidia All roads lead to Nvidia as AI grows ever more important. At the center of this strength is the company’s wicked-fast GPUs, which provide the power and speed for compute-intensive AI applications.

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