Windows 11 All-new And main key features you must know about them

Windows 11 All-new And main key features you must know about them

this new version of windows has been launched so everyone is excited about the new features coming in Windows 11.
 So in this article, you will know about the main highlights of windows 11. A new Windows experience, bringing you closer to the people and things you love.

The main highlights on windows 12 are the following.

  1. New themes
  2. Default multitasking layout  (snap your app)
  3. personalized feed with widgets
  4. automatically adapts
  5. The different ways to input
  6. sort and switch between tasks
  7. unrivaled gaming experience
  8. DirectX 12 ultimate
  9. auto hdr
  10. Xbox game pass
  11. New Microsoft store with android app.

  • New Themes For Windows 11

Windows 11 introducing new themes like mobile. Users can easily switch the theme to which one they like. There are some default themes available but you can easily download new themes.

  • Default multitasking layout (snap your app)

windows 11 provides us the default multitasking layout where you can easily switch between ap to the app which one you are interested in. I think this is the best feature for those who use there this for multitasking purposes. This is a quick introduction of the feature you can use this feature for your daily usage.

multitasking feature of windows 11

  • Personalized feed with widgets

The brand new widgets feed is also available in windows 11. the new widgets are inspired by google because it totally looks like the google widgets system.

  • Automatically adapts

Windows 11 also have automatic adapts of a system at its taskbar or menu bar. Thes feature will automatically adjust the space between two apps (Running or pined).
 this feature is used to full fill the taskbar/toolbar. the automatic adapts feature is basically used to improve the user experience.

  • The different ways to input

As you know we can use multiple ways of input in windows 10. but windows 11 has different ways of inputs.

There are a lot of ways to provide inputs like
  1. Typing
  2. voice
  3. Touch
  4. Write
  5. click etc.,

  • Sort and switch between tasks

Using this new feature of Windows 11 you can easily sort your tasks according to your requirement like alphabetically, Primary or secondary, etc. so these features will help you to save time and much more.

you can easily switch between your primary and secondary tasks.

  • Unrivaled gaming experience

Windows 11 is also designed for a better gaming experience. You can easily define the difference between the gaming experience of windows 10 and windows 11.

  • New Microsoft store with android app

    I think this is the best feature of windows 11 because you can easily access any type of appsfrom play store. so system dont requird any type of third party app to access the play store app in pc or desktop. so i think this is the most usefull features of Windows 11.

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    The other highlights of Windows 11.

    • Get a fresh perspective
    • Maximize your productivity
    • New ways to connect
    • Your content, curated by you
    • Playtime. Anytime.

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